It has been over three years. Our baby and our family have been going through this for more than three years. It is unbelievable that Mia is still smiling and happy. It is unbelievable that she still has energy to go to school and play with friends. It is unbelievable that we seem to win the battles but we can't seem to win the war. We will keep fighting, though.

All that Mia has been through in the last couple of months is not considered to be curative. It is to keep her feeling as well as possible for as long as possible. The doctors are amazed that she has come so far. Every doctor (there are a lot!) and every friend (a lot of those too!) is amazed how well she looks. Everyone says, "Wow! Mia looks great!" And she does. She amazes us too. She keeps us going as well as herself. I don?t know how she does it because I'm tired myself. All my love and all my smiles are for my beautiful children to keep them happy. I have nothing left for anyone else it seems, even for myself.

Mia though, has enough for all of us and more. She is always willing to share herself and to give her smiles to everyone. She had a special day at American Girl Place in Chicago from the Bear Necessities Pediatric Cancer Foundation. She wanted to share it with her wonderful friend Julianna and Jules' mom. We had such a great day! She also makes others want to share their time and their smiles with her. We have made so many dear friends through all of this and it is all because of our girl. She makes people want to be with her. She is truly unbelievable.

Our wondergirl even has enough to give to her brother (when he is not being too much of a little brother!) She loves to help him with his homework. They also play well together whether it is games or lately playing Easter egg hunt! They do crafts and watch movies. She is patient (most of the time) and shares her joy and excitement with him over special things, like a day at the aquarium, or over even the little things. He has become such a great little boy not only because of who he is himself, but also because Mia is his big sister.

Amazing, unbelievable, incredible, wondrous, fantastic - our supergirl has remained so through all of this. I can't believe it. She has happiness, grace, patience, smiles and so much love to give. She is the one getting us through all this, not the other way around so much. But we will give her all of ourselves, all that we have to get her and Andrew through this as well. They are both so special and precious. Truly blessings from God.

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